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Pressure Calibrator

A Pressure Calibrator is offered by us that is a high-precision pressure measuring device capable of verifying (or calibrating) the pressure reading of another pressure measuring instrument. These instruments are also called pressure standards. The calibrator must be more accurate than the instrument being calibrated. It is used in such instrumentation shops for calibrating pressure sensors that are used in the industry. Instrumentation shops or secondary labs are equipped for the calibration of measuring devices on a regular basis, even on an everyday basis. Pressure Calibrator is very effective.

Low Pressure Differential Gauge Calibrator

AH2-LP pressure pump can generate vacuum -2000mmwc to max pressure +4000mmwc. Fine adjustment of 1mmwc is possible in this pump. Ideal for calibration of magnehelic differential gauges. Very light weight, easy to use, reasonable stability. 

Available with digital manometer or gauge in various ranges as per customer needs with NABL lab calibration certificate.

Vacuum Comparator

AH2-107 series : -0.9 to 7 kg/cm2 for pressure and vacuum, pneumatic operated

AH2-760 Series : -1 to 0 kg/cm2 for full vacuum, pneumatic operated (with external vacuum pump)

These comparators are also available with 0.1% or 0.05% Adarsh Digital Pressure Gauges.

Hand Pump Pressure Calibrators

Adarsh CPP series Pressure Pneumatic Hand Pumps are available in various models as below for pressure & vacuum

CPP-2 : -0.9 to 2 bar

CPP-10 : -0.9 to 10 bar

CPP-25 : -0.9 to 25 bar

CPP-35 : -0.9 to 35 bar

CPP-50 : -0.9 to 50 bar

CPP-200 : upto 200 bar

These are light weight, easy to carry, quick pressure generation, comes with complete adaptor and hose tool kit.

Adarsh CHP series Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pumps are available in various models as below for pressure & vacuum
CHP-200 : upto 200 bar

CHP-700 : upto 700 bar

CHP-1000 : upto 1000 bar

All these pumps are available with Digital Pressure gauge with 0.5% / 0.25% / 0.1% / 0.05% Master Digital Pressure Gauges with Nabl lab calibration certificate

AH1-Series Bench Pressure Calibrators